From Andrew Wright:

“Beethoven even called the instrument the “Voice of God,” because he believed it had a perfect tone.

I embarked on a quest to discover bass trombone players who exemplify that heavenly sound

In addition to drawing from my own experience, I researched various forums, including Reddit and chat forums, that provided me with interesting information about eight of these talented musicians…”

“All of these famous bass trombone players have powerfully influenced my style and musical growth. Each is legendary in his own way and offers something for everyone, from the casual listener to the symphony soloist.

Now that I’ve told you all about the best bass trombone players, click here to learn all about the best bass trombones. Happy sliding!”

Check out Andrew’s article about bass trombone players at the link below:

Meet 8 Famous Bass Trombone Players Whose Talent Has Put a Shine on Bass Trombones